Whether you’ve moved to hybrid or still rely on online services, one thing is sure: You want your online services to be engaging. So with that in mind, here are a few ideas and best practices for how you can make your content more engaging.

Live stream regular Q&As

Q&As are a great way to build a sense of community and connection with the live stream equipment and software you are already using. Set up is super simple. All you have to do is choose a regular date and time and get the word out to your local congregation  and community.

Format: Open-ended

Length: 30 minutes

Goal: Grow your online engagement with an open and safe space for members of your community to ask questions. You can keep it completely open-ended but for better engagement, it might be beneficial to set a loose agenda and topic.

Tips for success:

  • Queue up your audience with the topic so they can come with questions on their own.
  • Ask your regular volunteers to come with a few questions so you can ensure audience participation.
  • Host special guests, either from the community or even from the church in other locations (which is easier to do in our virtual church than we can ever do in person).

Stream an Interview

Shine the spotlight on members of your church and community with a relaxed interview that let’s people get a change to share their faith and community experiences.

Format: Defined agenda, two to three speakers

Length: 15 minutes

Goal: Showcase your community at large and make the most of the voices across your church. This is a great way to connect your church to your larger community, greater service work, and expand your audience awareness.

Graphic of video interview

Feature Volunteers in Action

Take a behind-the-scenes look at your volunteer and community work in action. Use your portable camera or even smartphone and go “on the road” to

Format: Pre-recorded with editing. Think of this as a highlight reel. Voiceover may be useful.

Length: 15 minutes

Goal: Reveal the impact of your work. These, paired with a Facebook Premiere and live chat, can take a pre-recorded event to the next level. Growing your engagement is also about seeing your congregation become more active in your church. By showcasing your volutneers, your online attendees may see ways to better fit into the in-person work you are doing.

Give a Live Tour of Your Church

As you go through the seasons, showcase your church in it’s best light with a tour of the space and any changing of the decorations. If your church is historic, highlight the history in mini-segments rather than feeling forced to do it all in one go.

Format: Mix live with potential pre-recorded pieces

Length: 15-20 minutes

Goal: Make the church building come alive for your at-home attendees who may only see one small room in regular services.