Holy Family & St Ninian’s Parish serves nearly 800 parishioners from its 150-year-old church. With a limited digital presence (a website and largely inactive Facebook page) the church relied on daily interaction with members of the congregation. Pre-pandemic, they hosted regularly Sunday services and daily mass to hundreds.

When the lockdown required Parish Priest Father Stephen Hannah to join with the Carmelite Monastery, he witnessed firsthand the impressive reach of live streaming. “They were getting 100s of viewers every week from all over, including America and Europe. It was then I understood the power of this sort of medium.”

Turning to his parishioner and technology consultant Adam Quail, they started exploring how to create a live streaming experience that would work within the dense walls of their historic building. The solution would need to be simple to manage. Unlike the convent, Father Hannah had no equipment or technical team to call on to stream services, so he needed a tool that worked literally at the push of a button.

A Comprehensive Solution Streaming Solution

After finding limited streaming resources based in the UK, Adam came across Faith Online. It seemed like the ideal solution. Faith Online offers a streaming platform, digital tools, and a comprehensive live streaming kit that literally works at the push of a button. Plus the localised support and service they needed to get up to speed.

The live streaming kit arrived by mail and then, working with our customer support team, they went through a virtual training and onboarding. “The equipment accessibility for the entry level live streamer has been superb. We easily got to know it and work with it without having to understand the whole production piece around it.” Within a week they were up and running.

A Partnership for Their Digital Church Journey

Adam and Father Hannah value the partnership Faith Online brings to their digital worship journey. They’ve worked closely with our team on everything from help troubleshooting the wifi issues of their historic space. They also requested a feature to better meet their streaming needs. Our team quickly got to work

“We wanted to live stream first communion, but needed to make sure events that involved children were not public broadcasts. Within 8 hours, the Faith Online team created a new feature to stream and share our first communion as a private event.” 

Around the same time, the parish opened their doors but a tiny fraction of their capacity. They have set up a rotation schedule that allows many to attend at least once every two weeks. Making this stronger digital presence and live streaming capacity an essential tool.

Holy Family & Saint Ninian’s Parish streams daily mass as well as first communion, a funeral, and even baptisms. With the private broadcasts, congregants have invited friends and family as far away as Australia and Spain to join live for these important life events. Not to mention the recordings can serve as a cherished keepsake for families.

This has been such a wonderful way of keeping contact. For the people who would normally be here 5-6 days a week, church is very much a part of their life, and that was taken from them. By live streaming, they can still be with us and be a part of community” – Father Hannah

Faith Online handles all the technical complications. While also continuing to roll out new features. This way Father Hannah and Adam can focus on creating a live stream that engages their congregation, wherever they are.