The most affordable solution to stream from your church

We know live streaming can be incredibly complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. We put together an equipment package that is as simple and worry-free to use as possible, so you can focus on what matters.

This equipment package, when combined with the Faith Online platform, hits all the key needs. With it you can:

  • Live stream in-building services across a variety of online destinations
  • Pre-record and save a service or short video to an SD card
  • Deliver your message to your dial in phone so people can listen to your services without internet access

The kit is small enough so you can transport it anywhere. You won’t need to hassle any permanent fixings to the fabric of your church. Yet it is powerful enough to provide your audience with a great experience, from picture, to audio to stream quality.

Because it is wireless and battery-powered, you can stream from any location, empowering you to deliver the message you want from any where. Switch churches, record outside events, or even use it from home. It can use your phone’s 4g data so you don’t even need wifi installed.

How does it look?

Having an amazing looking live stream doesn’t need to break the bank.
Have a look at some of our customers who are using the Faith Online Live Streaming Kit.

Everything you need in one easy-to-use kit

Designed to operate alone or integrate with your current systems. Completely wireless, battery powered, with no physical installation required.

Mevo Start

Smart Live Streaming Camera

Designed specifically for live streaming. The Mevo is entirely wireless with an internal, long-lasting battery. It will automatically record your service to a MicroSD card as a backup in case the connection is unstable. Because it was designed to stream, this camera is smaller than other general cameras without sacrificing quality or usability. Control the camera through a smartphone or connect to streaming software of your choice, such as OBS or Ecamm.

Rode Wireless Go

Wireless Audio Kit

The Rode Wireless Go is a versatile audio kit that transmits audio loud and clear to your live stream attendees. The battery-powered transmitter has a built-in microphone. This could be worn by your service leader alone. Or you have the option to attach an external microphone, or even connect it to your current PA system so your live stream benefits from the same sound quality as your in-person experience.

What’s Included

The Installation, Training, & Support

We provide online training guides and videos to ensure you can get set up and streaming as soon as you receive your kit. Our trainings cover every bit of equipment, explaining how it works, how to set it up, and how to improve your streams.

We regularly post hints, tips and tricks to our blog to help you improve your live streams and take your message even further.
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Portable Tripod

Up to 2.3 Meters Height

128GB Memory Card

Record up to 13 hours of streams

USB Connection

MicroSD Card USB Reader


Rode Lavalier Go Microphone


5 Port 40w USB Charger

USB-C Cables

Varying lengths of USB-C charging cables for convenience.

Audio Adaptor

Audio adaptor cables

Sioti Ball Head Adaptor

So you can adjust the angle of the camera without much effort.

Tripod Multi-Mount

Makes it simple to mount multiple items to one tripod.

Smartphone Adapter

Tripod holder for your smartphone.

Ligtning Kit (Optional)


Aputura Amaran FL-A7

Set of 2 of the most versatile on-camera LED lights.

2x Sony NPF Compatible 7800mAh Batteries (for lights)

Battery Pack

Set of 2 Sony NPF compatible 7800mAh batteries for the lights.

Battery Charger


Sony NPF compatible charger for 2 batteries.

Battery Pack


High-quality stand tripod for both your Aputure lights.