Open Broadcaster Software, or OBS is a free, open-source software. It allows you to live stream to a single platform of your choice. Or you can use it to simply record a video using multiple and varied sources. In this quick guide, we’ll share how you can use OBS with Faith Online. 

Getting Started with OBS and Faith Online

As there isn’t the ability to stream pre-recorded videos directly from the Faith Online platform currently, we recommend you use a platform such as OBS to help you do this. This platform is free to download and use, and can be found here. Before you start using OBS, make sure to pay attention to the welcome page. Here, you’ll find links to their Quickstart guides and other useful resources.

There are two ways of using Faith Online with OBS.

  1. Use the streaming function within OBS and stream to Faith Online (in the same way the MEVO camera does)
  2. Use OBS as a virtual camera, treating it like a webcam.

The virtual camera option can get a little fiddly as you then need a virtual audio cable too. This adds complications you don’t necessarily need, so let’s look at the streaming option.

Streaming with OBS and Faith Online

You can set your streaming platform in OBS during the initial setup of the software. To do this, it will ask you for a service (the platform you want to stream to), you need to set this to custom, and then you will be asked for a server (URL/web address), and a stream key. To find these two bits of information you will want to go to your Faith Online account  and locate your stream settings. To find out how, head to our help article here.

Copy the details over into the relevant bit in OBS, which should then look a bit like this:

OBS Stream Key for Faith Online

If this is your first time setting up OBS, run the rest of the setup wizard. If you have been using OBS and you are doing this bit via the settings window, save your settings and exit the screen. You should now be looking at something like this:

OBS Start Screen for use with Faith Online

Now we need to play your pre-recorded video in OBS. This is a lot easier than it may initially look!

Just to the left of the audio mixer, which is in the centre bottom of your window (the colourful bit in the image above), is a box titled sources. This is where you need to put your video. To do this simply click the little plus button:

Screen displays where to put your video in OBS for Faith Online

From the menu that pops up, choose Media Source:

Media Source for OBS into Faith Online

And then call your video whatever you like:

Name your OBS file for Faith Online

You will then be asked to locate the video that you wish to play, along with a few other options whose choices will be at your discretion:

OBS and Faith Online file source

N.B. this is all assuming that the video you wish to stream is stored locally either on your laptop/computer or a drive attached to your computer







Once you’ve located your file and chosen your options, click OK and you should be back in the main window of OBS and hopefully you will see your video playing. You can then resize your video so it fills the whole screen:

OBS and Faith Online screen

Now, all you need to do is hit Start Streaming in OBS. When you want to send your video to Faith Online, go to your Faith Online studio. Open the Streaming Software tab and you should see and hear your video there:

Start Streaming with Faith Online

And it’s as simple as that! Now you can stream your pre-recorded video from OBS to us and out to your website, YouTube, Facebook, your phone line, and even your  Faith Online meeting room!