Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

The Faith Online platform is built to make your life as easy as brewing a cup of tea.

1. Create Your Event

Everything in Faith Online revolves around events; each one has a date, time, and variety of destinations to choose from.
Creating separate events for your activities helps your congregation anticipate what you will stream and when.
We give you the ultimate flexibility to organise your events and customising each one as you see fit!

  • Stream to both YouTube and Facebook? Set them as your destinations.
  • Do members of your parish lack internet? Add the Phone line as a destination.
  • Host a conference call with your congregation or team? Add a Meeting Room.
  • Offer regular events? Set an event to “Repeating” and you only need to create it once!
  • Want to offer live streaming for Weddings or Baptisms? Set the event to “Private” so people need a special link to view it.

2. Share Your Event

Every event in Faith Online has its own sharable public page.
Visitors to this page will see a list of destinations for your event with information on how to attend, plus the links they’ll need to view or listen to your stream.
When you go live, the video will stream directly on this page too! So if someone would rather not use Facebook or YouTube, they can watch the stream directly from the Faith Online page and still interact with the chat!
After your stream has completed, a recording is available on the public page, making it possible for any late viewers to still hear and feel your message!

3. Go Live

It’s the big day! All that’s left is for you to switch on your live streaming gear and send the signal to us!
We handle everything else. Including splitting and distributing the signal, gathering and saving the analytics, monitoring the health of your stream, and ensuring everyone can take part in your digital worship services.
Once your event is over, you can review the automatic recording in Faith Online, analyse the analytics and share the event page in your newlsetter or social media for the people who may have missed it.