If you do a quick Google search today you’ll find a host of streaming services out there. On first glance, most look quite similar. But when you take a closer look, you start to see the kinds of difference that can have a real impact on your decision. When choosing a streaming service, you want to go for one that understands your personal pain points and makes an effort to actively solve them. Let’s look at two of these platforms – StreamYard, and Restream – and see how they stack up against Faith Online.

StreamYard Streaming Studio

Basic plan: $25/month (monthly billing plan)

Overview: StreamYard is a purely web-based streaming site which means no downloads are required. Streams are hosted in a studio.

Streaming studio features:

  • Record up to 4 hours at a time or go straight to live stream.
  • Feature up to 10 guests on screen at the same time.
  • Change the layout of your guests on screen, making some bigger, some smaller, or just moving them around on the screen.
  • Screen share or share a pre-recorded video from your local hard drive.
  • Brand your studio with logos, image and video overlays, backgrounds and banners.
  • Private chat where guests can talk to each other.
  • Branded chat with the producer who can see and respond to comments coming in across all platforms.
  • Recordings are stored for up to 15 days.

With StreamYard you can multi-stream to up to 3 destinations at once, including a Facebook Group, Page or Profile, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn or an RTMP (custom) destination. A key point to note here is that you can stream to more than one channel per platform.

Restream Streaming Studio

Professional individual plan: $41/month (monthly billing plan)

Overview: Restream focused on the individual user (except at the enterprise level) with the key selling point being streaming to 30+ platforms. But the caveat is you can stream to one channel per platform, plus one custom destination (RTMP).

Streaming studio features:

  • Feature up to 10 guests on screen at the same time.
  • Stream for up to 6 hours per stream.
  • Recordings are stored for 15 days.
  • 10 videos up to 20GB total storage.
  • Brand your studio with logos, image and video overlays, backgrounds and banners.

As well as being able to stream to a custom destination using RTMP settings, you can also have platforms such as Zoom and OBS streaming to your Restream studio in the same way, with all URLs and Stream Keys provided.

Whilst you are streaming you can monitor your stream health, and there are analytics you can view afterwards. These provide you with insights into your average numbers of viewers, average watch time, how many comments and other data points.

Faith Online Streaming Studio & Platform

Streaming plan: £46.80/month (monthly billing plan)

Overview: Faith Online is a platform that is built with the local church down the road in mind, designed to reach every member of the congregation, regardless of their technical or internet capacity.

Streaming studio features:

  • Stream to multiple-destinations simultaneously, including a custom destination.
  • Stream your audio directly to the phone line.
  • Up to 100 GB media storage
  • Unlimited streaming hours
  • Built-in two-way meeting room so you don’t have to have separate Zoom or Google accounts.
  • Cross-platform live chat
  • Embed your video player and events calendar directly to your website.
  • Up to 10 users from your team on one platform.

Faith Online makes it easy to stream your church or other religious service from one building to your congregation at home. 

Platform features:

Faith Online is more than a streaming studio, it is a comprehensive platform. Set up Meeting rooms where you can all meet and watch the service together. Offer a direct phone line so members of your congregation who don’t have internet or are not that confident on a computer or who don’t own a smartphone can call and listen to your service live.

You can invite your attendees to the service both for online and in-person, so you can support your hybrid church from one destination. Plus analytics to help you keep track of who is there in person and who is watching from home and live analytics during your stream of how many are watching, how many are chatting and when.

Like Restream, platforms such as Zoom and OBS can stream into your studio, you can also stream to a custom destination. You can embed a video player and your events calendar into your own website and there is cloud storage for your recorded audio and video among many other features. With the streaming plan you get can stream in full HD to your Faith Online events page as well as simultaneously streaming to a Facebook page, YouTube channel and phone line along with unlimited streaming and unlimited minutes for incoming calls per month, plus many other features still in development. There is even a phone line plan should you just require this.

Why Faith Online

If you are after a purely streaming platform where you can have multiple guests and images and backgrounds etc and reach the largest number of people that you can online, then this platform may not be right for you. But Faith Online was built for your church. We are designed to support those who want to reach as much of your congregation as possible and make it feel “a bit more like church.” This is why we created our own meeting rooms where everyone joins to watch the service together. And why offering phone support it a key feature for so many of our users. 

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