If you are looking to get equipment to start live streaming, you have probably heard the recommendation to buy the right mic multiple times. Searching online reveals article after article recommending one model or type over another. One thing these articles have in common is the audience they are targeting. For most live streaming uses, such as Zoom calls and game streaming, the most commonly recommended type of mic featured in these articles is perfect. But for digital worship services there are a lot of other factors to consider. The best mics for live streaming your services will have different performance criteria.

In Introduction to Microphones for Live Streaming, we covered the main types of microphones you should consider for streaming your faith services. In this article, we will give our recommendations for which models offer the best value for money. We will also highlight what you should add to the top of your purchase list.

A mic embedded in your device is free but produces poor quality for live streaming.Free Mics for Live Streaming

Built-in microphones

  • Price: Free
  • Ease of setup: 10/10
  • Ease of use: 10/10
  • Audio Quality: 2/10

Most devices today have built-in microphones. Smartphones, laptops, and most digital cameras capture a variety of audio and video. These microphones are tuned to a wide frequency range. As a result, they pick up as much surrounding noise as possible. The quality is low, with muddled sounds that make it hard for the listener to understand the speech.

The most engaging factor in a live stream is clear audio. We recommend using built-in microphones only until you can upgrade.

Lavalier mics are a great way to boost your sound quality without breaking the bank as you start live streaming.Your First Mic

RØDE Lavalier GO

  • Price: £60
  • Ease of setup: 6/10
  • Ease of use: 6/10
  • Audio Quality: 8/10

Lavalier mics are a great way to boost your sound quality without breaking the bank. Also called lav mics, lapel mic or simple lap mics, you can place these tiny devices as close as possible to the speaker. They are great at hiding in clothing or attaching to any other attire you would wear.

As we covered in our Intro to Mics article, these mics capture a fantastic sound but are susceptible to external electronic interference. We recommend only using lav mics with a maximum cable length of 3 meters. You can combine a lav mic with a wireless microphone kit to transmit your audio up to 50 meters away to your camera.

Go with a wireless mic to upgrade your audio capture for your live stream servicesGoing Wireless

RØDE Wireless Go

  • Price: £170
  • Ease of setup: 8/10
  • Ease of use: 8/10
  • Audio Quality: 8/10

For great value wireless microphone kits, nothing beats the RØDE Wireless Go. This 2-piece kit offers a great feature set. As a bonus, both the transmitter and receiver weigh in at just 31 grams each.

Using a wireless microphone system gives you the ultimate flexibility for camera positioning without the risk of audio interference from nearby electronic devices.

One unique feature of the Wireless Go is the microphone is built-in to the transmitter, whereas most other wireless mic kits require the use of an external microphone. The built-in microphone is almost as good as their wired option and offers a comparable sound. Despite its small size, it is harder to hide the transmitter with the built-in microphone than just a lav mic. The solution is simple; the transmitter also has a 3.5mm mic input, allowing you to connect a lav mic and still get the benefits of a wireless mic.

A wireless console is the best way to connect your PA system to your live streaming audio system.Connecting to Your Current PA System

If you already have a PA system in your church, then getting a good audio signal for your live stream is just a case of connecting your audio mixer and camera. As we highlighted in Intro to Microphones, running a long cable along the floor is an impractical solution which could be susceptible to electronic interference, not to mention a tripping hazard.

The best way to connect your current PA system to your live streaming camera is wireless. Using the RØDE Wireless Go system, you can plug the transmitter into any headphone port on your mixer and attach the receiver onto the camera. Depending on which audio mixer your PA system uses, you might need to use a cable converter from 6.35mm jack to the 3.5mm input the transmitter has. If your PA system doesn’t have any free headphone ports, you might be able to locate a “Master Output” which uses either a 6.35mm Jack or an RCA connection.

You will need to test the output to ensure it’s giving the correct audio at the right levels and change any settings accordingly.

The Best Value for the Money

If you are looking to start live streaming, or increase your audio quality, the RØDE Wireless Go paired with a RØDE Lavalier Go offers excellent sound quality combined with wireless transmission. For under £230 you have a great microphone setup for live streaming which is also perfect for connecting to your PC for video calls and voice-over recordings.

If you want to take it to the next level, we have put together a live streaming kit that includes the Mevo Start camera, RØDE Wireless go and Lavalier Go, Lights, Tripods and all the extras you will need to get started with your digital worship services. It’s easy to set up and get online, in fact we help with that.

Check it out and if you have any question, get in touch! We would be glad to help get you online and streaming.