More people are watching live streams today than ever before. Throughout the world, churches are seeing how important live streaming is to engage with, maintaining, and expanding their congregation. During the pandemic of 2020, live streaming has become a valuable tool for keeping religious services active while adhering to health regulations and guidelines from local authorities.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming allows you to broadcast your message, sermon, or service to people anywhere in the world.

Live streaming doesn’t just mean live broadcasts. Your congregation can watch replays of previous live videos and any other pre-recorded messages and videos you want to share. Think of it as having your own BBC channel that you can switch on and off whenever you want. 

With nothing more than a smartphone, you can enable your congregation to see and hear you. Your broadcast is available to watch online on your website, YouTube, Facebook, simultaneously. You can even offer a call-in service so members of your congregation call in via a regular landline to listen without an internet connection.

What Can You Live Stream?

Live streaming enables Churches to engage with their congregation creatively from a distance. With technical solutions, content from regular worship can be replicated in digital worship and live streamed to your congregation, all in just a few clicks. Some digital worship content includes:

  • The weekly sermon
  • A thought for the day
  • Prayers, reflections and meditations
  • Reminder of events and donation campaigns
  • Weekly notices and announcements
  • Sharing a good story or local update
  • An interview with a special guest or congregation member

Increasing Engagement with Your Congregation

Not so long ago, Churches were the hub of the local community where everyone gathered to meet, connect, and unite in prayer and worship. With an increasing number of distractions vying for their attention and greater distances between our residences, people reduced their visits to weekly, monthly, and sometimes even once per year.

By live streaming, you have new opportunities to keep your community regularly engaged, once again becoming the hub of the community. Staying in contact and sharing regular scheduled messages and prayers with your congregation helps keep their faith at the front of their minds. Showing them you are there and thinking of them throughout the week helps strengthen their faith and increase your bond with them.

A couple attends church seated a safe social distance from other members of the congregation.Increasing Your Reach Online

One of the most significant benefits of live streaming is removing the physical necessity of your congregation. Even without a global pandemic, members may travel, feel unwell, or otherwise unable to attend physically. Streaming allows them to continue to join and worship to maintain their habit. For people suffering from chronic health issues, live streaming your services enables them to continue to be a part of the community until they can attend church once again.

Another fantastic reach advantage is for people looking to join a new congregation. Inviting them to join the services online means they can see if it’s the right fit for them without committing to attend physically.

Bypassing Physical Restrictions

As we enter the new normal after the pandemic of early 2020, churches across the UK face new regulations and restrictions to maintain social distancing. Often this will mean churches can only accommodate a small fraction of their congregation in person for mass, with significant additional measures and rules to follow and comply.

Live streaming allows you to bypass any limitations for how many people can attend your services. You can deliver your message to thousands of people online with no tracking or additional preparations.

How to Get Started with Live Streaming

We will continue to provide content to help you navigate all the information and steps for taking your message further with church live streaming. We will guide you along your live streaming journey, from helping you stream your first broadcast to becoming a live streaming pro using different equipment and technology to engage and grow your congregation like never before.