Church doors are open as the Government once again allows places of worship to host services and events. But even as you host a portion of your parish, the remaining will continue to access your church from a distance. As we enter this hybrid stage of worship, it’s more important than ever to maintain the connection between our congregation in attendance and those who remain online.

Marrying the digital and physical spaces is creating new challenges, but it also opens new opportunities.

Churches can actually thrive in these challenging times, growing a diverse community and reaching parishioners in new and exciting ways. Some of your attendees may find digital worship more appealing for the long-term, while others will eagerly return to your physical space.

To help you navigate this moment, we’ve pulled together a list of resources and guides we think will help. We share technical expertise to help improve your live streaming capacity while also offering a safe place to worship in person. We also share ideas and best practises for managing the logistics of online church alongside your Sunday services.

Welcome message to join church services onlineGet Started with Live Streaming

The following articles go in depth on how to get started and strengthen your live streaming offerings.

Learn How Live Streaming Works
Explore the Benefits of Live Streaming

We also have tips to check or even Improve your Internet Connection.

Learn About Live Streaming Technology

Get insights from our top technology and live streaming experts so you know exactly what equipment to invest in for an optimal digital worship experience.

Learn about microphones
Decide which microphone is best for your digital worship 
Learn about cameras
Decide which camera is best for your digital worship

Review Your Government Regulation Checklists

There are rules and regulations you need to follow for both in-person and online services. We’ve gathered some best practices to set you on the right path.

We also have some ideas on how you can maintain your church atmosphere even within the restrictions.

Using digital media to communicate your worship digitally as you go back to church onlineImprove Your Online Communication Strategy

Your outreach efforts are an important part of how you build community. If you’re just getting started with digital outreach, we have some best practices and ideas you can use.

We will keep building this toolkit and are actively looking for feedback from you on what you need. Contact us if you have questions or topics you’d like us to cover in the future!